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"Geoff's skill set as a professional stage manager, technician and crew supervisor are varied and applicable to a wide array of situations. I always have nothing but 100% confidence that he will execute whatever project is at hand with professionalism, know-how, and attention to detail" – Ed Shaw, Owner - ED Shaw Entertainment Inc.
I am proud of what I do and I would like to share what people have said about my work:
"Geoff Minor is a most welcome addition to our production team at Nth Degree Creative [Event Mage]. Geoff joined us in the Fall and immediately made a positive impact with his expertise, willingness to work, desire to learn and great attitude. I strongly recommend Geoff for any organization in need of a great team player with any of his production expertise and team building skills."  – Jeff Silverman, Owner - Event Mage, Nth Degree Creative & ReLux LED

"Working with Geoff has been a treat for all of us here at Event Mage... Geoff has demonstrated great creativity and has done a wonderful job building our website. Geoff knows he will always be an important part of the team here at Event Mage." - Sharlene Ketrenos, Partner - Event Mage / Nth Degree Creative

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Geoff Minor and working side by side with him at both Rhino Staging and Pyramid Staging & Events. Geoff is a hard worker who excels at both Production Management and as a Stage Manager. His ability to think outside the box and anticipate problems before they occur is priceless!

There have been many occasions where I didn't have to think about the Main Stage or the Artist(s) and could literally begin advancing the next show, simply because Geoff was handling things." – Stephen Dilts, Owner CEO - Pyramid Staging
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"Like some seething, gluttonous Izzy's fantasy gone terribly awry, Sabala's is rolling out a four-day hesher buffet -- and metal is on the menu. In fact it IS the menu. The metal scene, like everything else in the post-modern Western culture bubble, has fragmented into a particulate dust cloud whose subgenres' multiplicities are mind-boggling. Take it easy. This is a true buffet. Your hunger will be sated: Death, Speed, Black, Thrash, and even Space will be served. 

The brain child of Nightpiper Productions' Geoff Minor, Metalfest was conceived in the organic overspill of Seattle's Northwest Deathfest, an event which had bands from along the coast journeying Northward in search of stopgap shows. Minor instinctually put together a Portland Metalfest, and the rest is working on becoming history. In addition to the obvious incentive of seeing the noisy splatter of THE ACCUSED, local warhorses ENGORGED, and the cosmic exploration of SF's SUBARACHNOID SPACE, Sabala's is selling a four-day pass to this event for a mere 15 bucks. With 21 bands scheduled to play that's like….well, you do the math. It's freaking cheap. 

You owe it to your inner, unfortunately acned youth to get out and see these bands. You owe it to the future of the Portland Metalfest. This is not an optional event for any caliber of metal fan. If you miss it, every future devil sign you flash will be false. Your hair will recoil in horror and burn as it touches your shoulders. Your kingdom will forsake you as the riffs fall to the ground unfruited and withering. It is up to you to let the assail prevail." 

"It takes more than a band and a club these days and that spells p-r-o-m-o-t-e-r. I’ve had good contact with Geoff Minor of NightPiper Productions. Geoff seems to care about us working stiffs in the local biz as is shown at his shows at Conan’s, The Tonic, Dante's and several other local clubs and venues in the Portland music area. I ran into Geoff at the Ash Street Saloon recently for a NightPiper show and I was frankly knocked out at the turnout. [This] is the hottest thing happening if you want to play some of the best clubs in town. Geoff also puts together singer songwriter shows around town so check out his website @ www.thenightpiper.com" 
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"Thanks to the 150 or so people who came out to the show at Conan's last night. A wonderful time was had by all. Sado-Nation showed why they've survived for so long, and Battery Legion rocked the joint positively stupid.
Special thanks goes to Geoff from Nightpiper Productions for putting together an awesome show, and for treating us so kindly."

-- The Misfats (the fattest Misfits tribute band ever!)     www.misfats.com -  August 28th, 2004
Khaos Studios / The MIx
"I've known Geoff for over 15 years and have worked with him in various capacities. From project/stage manager to booking and production Geoff is very detailed, organized and professional. Geoff was an integral part in elevating the awareness and quality of bands at my venue The Mix. Over the years we've worked on many events and have maintained a strong friendship during that time." – Chad McMurray, Owner CEO - Khaos Studios / The Mix
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